Dual control systems

Product benefits

Check MarkThe dual control base unit is universal. It can be installed in every car, bus, truck and agricultural vehiclewarranty

Check MarkMinimal damage to the vehicle

Check MarkMoney saving, interchangeable from one to another  type of vehicle.

Check MarkMost of the hardware is not insight; just the pedals are to be seen in most vehicles

Check MarkThe system does not interfere with the original system of the vehicle

Check MarkThe system works with the same precision, smoothness  and reliability as the original pedals

Check MarkTÜV Automotive Approved

Check MarkHigh-quality finish

Check MarkOnly high-quality and strong materials are used

Check MarkDual control pedals are easy to dismount and put back for operation

Check MarkCables are Bowden, nylon coated with a chromium steel inner cable, rust free and stretch free up to 590 kg.



We give a 10 year warranty on the re-usable base unit, no matter how often the dual control system has been reinstalled.

Made in Holland

The innovative Peheja® products are made by a team of highly experienced technicians and product developers in the Netherlands. The Peheja® universal cable dual control system is still being refined and is continually tested for safety, quality, durability and functionality. The innovative Peheja® system stands out from other solutions and dual controls. Peheja® offers unique benefits:

Innovative and pioneering

Since its introduction, Peheja® is the most pioneering dual control systems in the world. We have built up a treasure trove of knowledge and practical experience, and work on the ongoing development of Peheja® products every day. Peheja® products are still being refined and are continually tested for safety, quality, durability and functionality.



Peheja® products can be built into any type of vehicle: driving school cars, trucks and buses, exclusive sports cars, security vans, police cars, fire engines, ambulances, military vehicles, agricultural machines and more. If necessary, Peheja BV develops and supplies customised solutions. Our motto is nothing is impossible. We would be glad to help.

Click Here to see the endless possibilities of the Peheja system

Sustainable & cost efficient

Keep your dual controls, no matter if you change the type of vehicle or the vehicle brand.

The Peheja® system is re-usable and, with new cabling, can be transferred to any other vehicle. This makes Peheja® dual controls the most sustainable and cost-effective solution on today’s market.


Flexible system

The basis of Peheja® dual controls is flexible cabling. As opposed to a rod-operated dual controls, the Peheja® system does not significantly damage a car when fitted professionally. In addition, the flexible Peheja® cabling provides a solution for increasingly compacter vehicles that are ‘filled up’ with various electronic devices, air-conditioning units, communications equipment (for emergency services), etc.

TÜV tested

The Peheja® system is regularly tested by TÜV Automotive and has now been approved for use in more then 45 left-hand drive vehicles. Click here TUV to view the current overview.
Peheja® controls can also be customised to fit a large number of vehicles that are not listed in the overview, especially many types of left-hand drive trucks and buses.


High quality

All the components in the Peheja® system are made from top-quality sustainable materials. The subsidiary of Peheja BV, Peter Claassen BV installs more than 2.500 vehicles every year in the Netherlands. This leads to a daily control check and test of the Peheja product and guarantee an optimal and safe system

Dual control rally car

Production under own management

All Peheja® products are developed and produced under own management in close cooperation with Peter Claassen Dubbele Bedieningen BV, which has been the specialist in installing dual controls in the Netherlands since 1983.


Custom products

Besides the universal Peheja® systems, Peheja BV also supplies custom products. As soon as a new type of car appears on the market, we perform an in-depth analysis to work out the optimal installation solution. Naturally, we monitor the relevant regulations in the countries all over the world where people use our products and, if necessary, we adapt our systems accordingly.


In the production of Peheja® components, we pay close attention to translating corporate social responsibility (CSR) into a safe and healthy work environment for our team with the lowest possible environmental impact. For our employees, we invested in, among other things, special welding masks and low-noise production facilities. We use a heat pump system for heating and cooling our building. Waste flows are carefully separated and materials are recycled whenever possible. In addition, the Peheja® system is designed to be recyclable.

Global availability

Peheja® dual cable controls are sold all over the world. You can even find satisfied Peheja®-dealers in New Zealand and Hong Kong who we supply from our production location in the Netherlands. We are also the preferred supplier for, among others, Scania, Mercedes Benz and various government agencies, such as ministries of justice and defence, in a range of countries.