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About Peheja®

Introduction of Peheja BV

In the 1980s Peheja BV invented the universal cable dual control system. The innovative Peheja® system can be built and transferred into any type of vehicle. Due to universality of the system we have grown into an international operating company and became the world market leader in developing, manufacturing and applying universal cable dual control systems with a worldwide dealer network.


In 2001, Peter Claassen, the owner of Peter Claassen Dubbele Bedieningen BV, the specialist in the Netherlands in the installation of cable controls, took over Peheja BV. Peheja’s entire development and production operation was relocated to Peter Claassen Dubbele Bedieningen’s business location. The workshop and the development and production of Peheja® components have been closely interwoven ever since, which has resulted in smart details and customised solutions.


Peter Claassen Dubbele Bedieningen BV, installs more than 2.500 dual controls in vehicles each year in the Netherlands. Practical experience in working with the system is shared directly with Peheja BV’s product developers and vice versa.

Since 2001, Peter Claassen has further developed and optimised every detail of the Peheja® system – a process that is still continuing today.